We’re Baring It All

About Our Frisco Wax Studio

Come in for a treatment and come out an even better version of yourself.


Though clients may come to our Skin Things wax studio for one of our waxing hair removal services:




skin lightening

Clients leave our wax studio feeling more than just smooth. We bring out that natural glow from the inside out.


Beneath the Surface of Skin Things







We promote body positivity, inclusivity, and authenticity. You should always feel comfortable bringing your most genuine self in all forms to our wax studio.

We thrive on transparency, integrity, and results-driven services and products. No catches or gimmicks, only what truly works for your skin.

We empower everyone who enters our wax studio by helping them feel their best every day. We want you to feel confident about showing it all.

We mentor and support our estheticians by providing a healthy work environment, quality education, and individualized training programs. Our clients are only as happy as our team that treats them.

We are unapologetically bold, fun, and fearless. With us, it’s always the real deal.

We invest time to guide clients beyond their sessions to make more informed decisions about their aftercare and beauty treatments. Self-care should be an everyday practice.

Skin Things Body Oil + Glycolic and Retinol Pads! Retinol pads are so diverse and can be used in so many different areas of the body. They’re such powerful anti-aging products as well as a strong exfoliation treatment for ingrown hairs!

+ My favorite services are…

- My favorite products are…

+ My favorite things to do outside the studio are…

I love traveling! My goal is to travel to a new country every year. I believe that traveling and learning about new cultures is something everyone should prioritize! I enjoy slow mornings, meditations, yoga, the gym, and quality time with the people I love. As much as I come off as an extrovert, I am actually very much introverted! I like to have a lot of alone time to recharge. I am a huge advocate for taking care of your body, mind, and soul!

+ My favorite services are…

+ My favorite products are…

- My favorite things to do outside the studio are…

Hi, I'm Meghna!

Owner and visionary behind all things skin things

So many wax studios focus on fast service, but this isn’t fast food. I’m on a mission to bring quality (in relationships, treatments, and products) back to the forefront of the beauty industry.

My passion is and has always been people, and more specifically, making people feel (and look!) their best. Though I always knew I’d one day become an entrepreneur, I actually started my journey as a nurse assistant, helping people who needed support with their daily activities.

When I graduated from esthetician school in 2019, I knew I wanted to continue helping others, just in another capacity. After a stint working in a toxic environment at a chain waxing salon, I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted to do what I loved, build genuine relationships with my clients, and create an environment that was welcoming and inclusive for clients and other estheticians.

I officially opened Skin Things in May 2020, and within one year, I had a waitlist of over 50+ people for my small wax studio! It was time to go big and all the way home. By August 2021, I found my new storefront location, and shortly after, I hired my first esthetician. 

We are now a team of 3 estheticians and a manager equally obsessed with perfecting client results and the client experience. 

we can’t wait to welcome you!


Meet The Skin Things Squad


Coming Soon


Hi, I'm Jeny!

As the Studio Manager, my passion is bringing the best talent into our wax studio and continuing to build the Skin Things family. My background is in business management and human resources in a corporate setting. I started my journey with Skin Things behind the scenes helping Meghna put a tiny studio together in Plano, TX, and now our thriving boutique waxing salon in Frisco, TX.

One of the most important aspects of growing a business is authenticity, which is exactly why I love being part of Skin Things. We truly want to see our estheticians grow and be successful and this comes from having the most amazing clients that I’ve been lucky to connect with at the front desk. 

we can’t wait to welcome you!

Our Skin Things Body Oil, hands down! I love to recommend it to all of my clients for the best skin experience in between their services. 

+ My favorite services are…

- My favorite products are…

+ My favorite things to do outside the studio are…

Traveling the world with my boyfriend. I've done everything from jet skiing in the ocean to jumping out of an airplane and have no plans to slow down! I’m also a huge fan of the show Friends and welcome all trivia challenges. How you doin’?

+ My favorite services are…

+ My favorite products are…

- My favorite things to do outside the studio are…

Hi, I'm Paige!

I'm passionate about self-care, self-love, and inspiring others to value their inner beauty just as much (if not more!) as their outer beauty. As a licensed esthetician since 2020, I take great pride in my attention to detail, striving to bring comfort, beauty, and joy to your day when you schedule with me!

we can’t wait to welcome you!

I love working out and hanging out with my dog Poppa! Nothing beats staying at home and being cozy with my fur baby!

+ My favorite services are…

+ My favorite products are…

- My favorite things to do outside the studio are…

Hi, I'm Ashley!

Hey guys! My name is Ashley, I have been in the Esthetics industry for over 8 years. I am new to Texas. I love all things beauty and PINK! My three fave things are My family/friends, My dog Poppa, and Matcha Tea!! For me, It's not just about the service it's about the experience! With that being said, I can't wait to give you the best experience here at Skin Things!

we can’t wait to welcome you!

More Things Skin Things

The Benefits of Waxing and Sugaring

· Healthy skin
· Reduced/slowed hair growth
· Soft instead of stubbly hair regrowth
· Improved skin health and skin tone
· Hygienic way to stay clean and smooth

· No need to shave
· No irritation or bumps
· No more chemical burns from Nair and
       other hair removal products



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