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Eyebrow lamination is a popular cosmetic treatment that helps to create fuller, more defined brows by setting hairs into place using a specially formulated chemical solution. The process involves combing the brows upward and applying a perming solution to the hairs to straighten them out and set them into place. This creates a more uniform and groomed look for the brows that can last up to 8 weeks. Eyebrow lamination is a great option for those who want to enhance their natural brows without resorting to makeup or invasive procedures like microblading.

Brow Lamination 

Brow Tint

Brow tint is an all natural dye that is made to stain brow hairs. This lasts about 3-4 weeks on hair and about 4-5 days on the skin around the hair. 

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Hybrid Brows

Hybrid dye is for those who like a bold brow stain. If you would like to have a hassle-free morning without having to fill in your brows, this is a great service for you! Hybrid dye is a great fit for those who have combination skin (Extreme oily skin is not a good match) 

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Introducing Bryght: a natural, plant-based skin brightening system. If you're facing darkness on underarms, bikini line, or any body area, we're here to help. Bryght safely illuminates hyper-pigmented skin and is gentle for intimate areas. It treats face, underarms, labia, bikini lines, anal area, and knees. Its pH-friendly formula preserves the skin's microbiome, making it perfect for intimate use. Say goodbye to darkness with Bryght.

Skin Lightening


do I have to bryghten my skin?
• no, you don’t have to. but just because you don’t have to, doesn’t mean you don’t want to! we believe you and your skin is beautiful just the way it is. bryght skin bryghtening products are not meant to change the color of your skin tone, bryght skin bryghtening products work by targeting only excess melanin by inhibiting an enzyme in our skin called tyrosinase which is responsible for the extra melanin production. so not to worry, your skin bryghtening products will only bryghten an area that is darker than your natural skin tone. for the same reason we exfoliate and wear foundation/concealer, bryght’s skin bryghtening products will even out your skin tone. pretty fun science, hey!

what is hyperpigmentation?
hyperpigmentation is the process that causes skin to darken, usually it is not harmful however it can be a symptom of medical conditions.
there are several types of hyperpigmentation including:
o melasma
o lentigines (sun/age spots)
o post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation
o ephelides (freckles)
o smokers melanosis
o facultative (uneven skin tone that changes during life)
o triggers and activators of hyperpigmentation include:
• uv radiation (sun exposure)
• genetics
• trauma / heat

can all types of pigmentation be treated?
• yes, all of the above mentioned types of pigmentation can be treated and the brightening effect will work the same way with all types of pigmentation.

can bryght be used on any area of the body?
• bryght is a plant based natural brightening skin system that is safe to be used on the skin on any external area of the body. it is designed to brighten hyper-pigmented skin and is gentle enough be used on intimate areas. all outside areas of the body can be treated including, face, underarms, outside labia, bikini lines, anal area, knees. The reason it is suitable for intimate areas is because bryght won’t disrupt the PH or microbiome.

is it common to have discoloured intimate areas?
• yes, and it’s more common than people think. the main causes for hyperpigmentation include sun exposure, hormonal influences including pregnancy, age, skin injury and inflammation. any area on the body that has redness from sunburn, chaffing or irritation can eventually turn brown.

how often should I come into the spa for this service?
• Ideally it is great to start with every 2 weeks if you would like to get faster results. The amount of treatments needed will be determined in the salon by your service provider – it usually varies depending on what kind of pigmentation we are trying to treat. It is best to allow hair to grow in the area you are treating so it can be waxed right before the service and allow for better product penetration!

do the products contain any harsh chemicals?
• all bryght products are all-natural and do not contain harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, kojic acid or mercury. hydroquinone is associated with many unpleasant side effects and it is our opinion that it is not appropriate for use on intimate areas.


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